Sunday, February 27, 2011

Obligatory Game Over 4/GDC Post

Like all gaming sites I thought I'd post some pieces from the show, than say how nice it is. It makes me miss I am 8-bit even more. I'll look for a link to a bunch of photos as soon as I find one. These pieces are all from Chris Kuzma.

It looks like I am 8-bit has a presence at GDC this year, too. Kind of painting by colors except this time it's pixels, "Painting By Pixels" . A giant image will be made at the GDC  conference this week with sticky notepad paper. I'll be sure to post a pic when it's done. Jude Buffum is behind this one and with the other work he's done it should be a masterpiece.

8-bit with Hexanine also did 4 different commemorative posters for the 25th anniversary of the GDC. There just amazing and any gamer would love to have them up near his video games/computer desk/ television/ toilet. They show the year game items were introduced.

uhh, I'm sad I missed it this year, too. Maybe someone could send me a poster. I think pink and yellow are my favorites.