Thursday, February 3, 2011

Little Tokyo Alive: Eva 2 Premiere/ Q Pop Shop Grand Opening/ Channel 101 is back

Eva 2.0 Premiere

It rained blood and I loved it. The premiere of Evangelon 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance was animation at it's finest. Words fall flat in your mind as you read this to the unprecedented glory of seeing a giant mecha piloted by a teenager fight indescribable giant monsters for the fate of the world. The utter horror is beautiful unlike Tokyo Gore Cop. Twisted atrocities don't disgust, but give a sense of awe. Like seeing that nuclear bomb test footage of a house being destroyed you can only say Holy Sh*t with your mind.

I went to the second showing and the downtown independent was packed already from the first. Eva fans were waiting in the lobby to finally see the second part of one of the great gripping anime dramas ever. Fans had come from all over LA and further to see Eva 2.0 on the big screen. From the roaring applause from the start and end of the film it showed Gainax had made another masterpiece.

Eva is still playing for this week at the dowtown independent. Check it out while you still can.

My review of the movie is upcoming.

The story has been heavily redone. It's not like 1.0 the story takes some scenes from the original, but it's a completely new animal . The new character Mari shines through as a pilot whose got a sense and belief in herself that you'd find strange to see in Eva.

Q Pop Shop Grand Opening

Girls with blue hair just weren't in Eva they were at Q Pop Shop the following night. Q Pop Shop was already packed when I arrived for it's Grand Opening. Art was covering every inch of the store, every inch not covered in people. Pieces from the owners artist and cartoon friends surrounded with goods and clothes, too rare to behold. Chris the owner only wants rare stuff btw. Imports and hard to find goods is this places merchandise.

128 Astronaut E S Onizuka St, Los Angeles, Ca 90012

This Queef one was a bit hardcore.

Just check out the work and you can see Little Tokyo coming alive again. Hopefully, stores spaces nearby fill up and the whole area can be trendy and full of life.

Chris and his girlfriend seemed to have two pieces of themselves up. Hope these pieces are permanent.

Channel 101

Showing at the same theater as Eva, Channel 101 must of set a attendance record that night. It was filled to the brim with people. Channel 101 is a free show held every month that introduce 5-minute short shows. The audience what stays and what go's.Just head to there site and see what was playing. Don't forget to submit your work and head down next month.

The shorts and level of creativity in them is insane. Some look just awful, but you'll just laugh at how absurd anyone could be to make them.

McBusters 3 ruled.