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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pokemon Isn't So Black & White

Oh, wait it is.

 Next week is the premiere of Pokemon: Black & White on Cartoon Network. Episodes for the American audience now range in the 600. I don't mean season 6 , like episode 601. I mean 600 episodes! It might also be called Pokemon: Best Wishes, oh the new song who knows how bad it will be.

So the new show is to coincide with the new game ...oh jeez look at Ash's eyes. What happened? Look at the awful redesign.

Team rocket and nurse Jenny are also looking strange and Team Rocket got some new clothes. It seems like they all went to a overpriced clothing store and look crazy

Here's the F*ck Yeah Best Wishes Tumbler for more images

It reminded of a book I saw online, a few days ago. Pikachu's Global Adventure: The Rise and Fall of Pokémon , whose author might feel embarassed since it's still going strong.

600 and more episodes. When will Ash fight the Final Four already?

I thought of asking Mare Odomo, best known for his Letters To An Absent Father series of comics. The series follows Ash as he writes sad, yet touching letters to his absent father.

Mare was kind enough to answer below.

I was wondering what was your take on Pokemon: Black & White. It premieres on Cartoon Network next week. Have you seen Ash's eyes in that show? Jeez. Will you draw Ash's eyes differently to stay more accurate to the show if you do any more Pokemon comics?

I've been trying to keep up with Best Wishes on various anime streaming sites. I really like it! I lost interest in the show right around Orange Islands, but I'm really into it. The re-design seemed unnecessary to me at first, but I'm 14 episodes in and I've gotten used to it. I was planning on drawing Ash's eyes differently for a comic, but I don't know that I would keep them that way. Aaand I'm also not sure about whether or not I'll make more strips. I probably will, but I don't have a plan, really.

If you could, would you work on a Pokemon reboot with the Adventure Time Crew and Natasha Allegri as your boss?
Oh my god, YES. That's kind of the dream. I met Pen and Natasha at SPX last year but I don't know if they remember me. They're both so freaking good.

Have you by chance seen the first new episode of the series. It's really odd, not only because of the redesign, but Professor Oak takes Ash and his Mom on vacation, kind of like a Step-Dad. It reminded me of a certain strip of yours with Ash's Mom being lonely. Do you think ...

I don't really know what's up with that. I doubt Oak and Ash's mom are an item or anything. They live in a small town, they probably hang out a lot, I think they're just friends. It didn't even occur to me that that might be weird. Hmm, Oak is probably pretty lonely too...

So I know it's early, but any plans for Anime Expo? Club 2 the Max (they should think of a better name and have a running site), LA events?

Noooope. I don't know what Club 2 the Max is (just googled it) so that's a "no" too. I was down in the LA area for IndieCade in October and it was awesome and I'd definitely like to go back, but nothing's really set in stone yet. I'm just trying to focus on being productive and getting enough money to survive. I'll be hitting up Seattle-local events and probably Portland too. Emerald City Comicon, Stumptown, PAX. I think that's all I have planned.

Finally, the last time we talked you wanted to do a Pokemon shirt or clothing any deals with Fangamer or any one we should look forward to?

I did a t-shirt for musician Allison Weiss ( and it has PIZZA ON IT and I'm STOKED to see it printed. and I have been talking about t-shirts for a long time, but it just takes so much capital and/or co-ordination. We're getting there, though. We're SO CLOSE. The pins we've made together have been really successful.

I hung out with some Fangamer dudes a little while back, and we're internet friends now, but who knows what that will turn into. But whatever happens, they're just super nice people and I'm just glad to know some of them. And their designer, Jon Kay, is already so good. They don't really *need* me. I know this sounds like I'm just flattering them to get on their good side, but that's not what it is. I just think they're a great company and they're super nice and I want people to buy their things.

OH, but this is related... I'm part of  a show in San Francisco on March 4th, 2011 and I'll have some pokémon-inspired pieces. I won't be present, unfortunately, because I'll be in an art show called "King Ludd Lives" that same weekend in Seattle. Also I can't afford to fly down to SF.