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Friday, February 4, 2011

Small Huge World 1+1

Hearing the narrator from The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy introduce Little Big Planet 2 and hearing the music trickle in like a low stream is like gently falling a sleep into a dream world.

Your not entering Kirby's realm, but a great platform adventure. Little Big Planet 2 sucks you into a dream state of creativity and fun platform gaming. To get really down to it, even more than platforming gaming as old school games are retro-fitted in different segments in the game that always keep it fresh.

Just like the first game you have a huge level of creativity with how your character looks. If you have a previous game save from Little Big Planet you can put everything you collected into the new game. Customization can be even taken into the level by changing how they look while your playing like putting bunny ears on a monster your fighting. Stickers on a evil robot.

Getting into gameplay. The jumping a running around is always fun. Sadly, jumping still isn't perfected nor jumping from foreground to background. Luckily you can blow yourself up and start form mini save point a long a level instantly. That's probably my only gripe with the game. I loved swinging around like Bionic Commando or having a hat that fired cupcakes at enemies.

Creativity is both shown and yours for the taking. The story and level design surpasses most games in beauty and originality. The other side of the coin is you can create levels yourselves. Not just simple levels, but complex ones as good as story created ones. I have to praise Media Molecule for the create section as you see glass and sponge, goo and metal  react as if there were real. Players will slide on glass, can grab sponge, stick in goo and her the clank of following on metal. Level designing gets even more complex with sackbots you can command to do practically anything you've seen intelligent AI do in other games. I was shocked, buy how fun it was and wish it could be somehow implemented to teach children scientific principals.

Just one more thought on level design. If Nintendo could create something as easy to use as Little Big Planet 2's level designer for Mario games we'd probably have some of the best platforming ever. Think about a easy simplistic way to create Super Mario level made by Nintendo. I kind of wish Nintendo and Sony could make some sort of deal to create that.

What's even better is when playing with friends. Playing a platformer and reaching goals together by overcoming funny obstacles like robot chickens is just fun. Who doesn't want to go, "Hey, remember that time that giant evil chicken robot was chasing us?" 4 player, 3 player, 2 player, all fun. Unlike, Xbox live all it cost is having the Internet in your house to play with friends online.

This is a great game to add to your PS3 collection and well worth the price as new levels are created all the time. I highly recommend this on the unlimited free new content, fun platforming, level creation, and social gaming with friends.

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Little Big Planet 2

A copy of the game was provided by Sony. The writer played through story mode, creator mode and tried the online content modes.