Friday, February 18, 2011

Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2 Review

I eat Muesli!

Funny moments like that are dropped throughout the game.

 I would have liked some voice work for that. I wished there was more dialogue to give the game a generally funny feel. It's trying to be intentionally funny. With a dictator controlling a robot from a golf cart who looks like Castro it just has to be. I just waned more of it, like a rpg or maybe even Phoenix Wright level of dialogue.

Game-play wise I seem to not always have control over my grappling arm while swinging. It's fun to swing around from lamppost, tree, metal bar or what have you, but sometimes it seems you don't fully have control over direction. When you do swing well, its like being Spider-Man.

Weapons this time around don't seem that spectacular. I have a missile launcher that can be stopped by a guy with a shield, but a couple of shot gun blasts can take out the same shield enemy?  You don't get to use the multiple weapons as much as you want. Extra powers like shield, where you create a small shield to duck behind are useless, while homing bomb robots take out all surrounding enemies which is doing to much. A electric shock attack kills enemies, but takes forever to reload and only temporarily stops robots.

Enemies do get repetitive. Boss fights are reused and old enemies that were bosses are reused , too.

I liked Nathan Spencer's new look. It's funny like he's a Dad now  I still say from my previous post on this series he should have a son in the game with him. That would have made the game for me story wise.

Two players fun, but was hard to find initially. Its at the menu before you start a level just switch to co-operative play. It's in small writing, but you can find it. Swinging and blowing up stuff with your buddy is fun. I guess they couldn't do split screen because if you venture to far from the first player in this mode you die. The second player the Klog could have easily been switched to Nathan's son so why not? I would have loved some father son dialogue as I swing through the game.

This game reminds me of Spyborgs for Wii that underwent such a dramatic change from funny to serious it was a completely gutted and different animal from what I wanted. Wiki says the gaming press had a luke- warm feel for it so it was changed to be grittier. Which I didn't want! Thanks Kotaku you idiots.

Oh man that looked liked so much more fun!!!!!!!! Damn you Kotaku. UGGGGH!!!!!

I loved the early design, probably having to change it ruined it. I guess this teaches Capcom to listen more to fans than journalists (with the exception of me writing this). Ask them directly through the many mediums of the Internet. Your doing so now with the dlc characters for Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 in the Unity forums.

 Spyborgs was also made by Bionic Games which doesn't seem to have any titles out now. I think I'll contact them to see what happened. Maybe they'll give me the full fish song" your toilet it's a hard to flushin, it's gotten so full, there's no place to sit".

I guess I just wanted more improvements from the last game. I kind of wish Grin was around for it, but they're gone for the other Bionic Commando's problems. I did enjoy the game I just wished there was more to it. Maybe it needed more time.

The soundtrack once again is a killer remix and be great to listen to in the background of doing anything. You need more than a soundtrack, though.

The game was provide by Capcom for review. Story mode wasn't fully completed and writer played co-op mode.