Monday, February 14, 2011

Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! (Monsters Review)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Monsters.

Damn you Gareth Edward, damn your excellent directing! Oh, I know now why they've given you the keys to Godzilla, I hope you finish by 2012, jerk!

Being a film student, this one really hurt. A budget of under $500,000 and you have blockbuster movie, with some- just- beautiful- shots (sunset reflecting on water in hd) and a great concept. I know Godzilla's going to be good, but maybe get technical director or write with someone, other than that you have the next generation of sci-fi with you.

Monsters is the scary new flick from Gareth Edward. I posted when it was playing around LA in October around Halloween. It's more of a sci-fi drama then a horror movie. You see horrible giant alien squid spider monsters have taken residence in between the United States- Mexican border. You aren't allowed to cross the border ever and every 6 months a big surge of the aliens try and get through and everything is shot down. Meaning no one's leaving Mexico. That's where you have our two idiots, but idiots you love Andrew & Samantha. Andrew a photographer/reporter covering the aliens. Samantha is the publisher's daughter who needs to get home. But you know their idiots so they can't go the conventional way. They have to go through the infected zone. That's where the fun starts.

I'm a bit pissed off because I'm not doing anything as cool. The director Gareth Edward shot this thing on a small budget, got some great talent in Scoot Mc Nairy and Whitney Able who cam out of nowhere. This thing was shot guerrilla style so when you see them talking or interacting with someone, they might have no idea what there talking about. On the fly editing, ahh. Some of Gareth's crew would just start changing the signs to infected zone or stay away, dangerous and so on. I had to explain to a friend that all the signs were cgi. Were finally getting to the point,where people will be unable to tell the difference. I loved seeing how it was made. That's why I recommend getting the special edition. If your a film student it's a must.

He also shot the thing on not even the best equipment compared what the studios pay and it came out gorgeous. Stuff a average person can get. Simply gorgeous. The alien monsters fantastic. It's that creepiness of being part insect and squid.

Now writing whys you have some great scenes and it's a movie where the characters count, bu there's a break in logic or (spoilers)

 hole in the wall of logic. That would be the whole in the wall. I don't know what Gareth was thinking, but there are gigantic walls in America and Mexico to keep out the alien monsters, but for some reason apparently America decided to put a gain empty space in the wall? No idea why America would do that. No gun turrets or missile launcher near the gigantic hole for monsters to go through. If anyone parodied the movie it be

General: Well, we built the largest wall in human history and over here is the giant alien monster shaped hole.
President: Shouldn't we worry about the monsters getting through the monster shaped hole?
General: No!

Maybe it's sending a message about illegal immigration law and it is, but there's a giant hole in the movie. Why also didn't make sense is that you couldn't take a plane and fly out of Mexico and go around the world to get back to America. I guess were suppose to forgot the Earth is round.
(End of spoilers)

Even with some poor steps in logic and I'm just overdoing it for fun, this movie is up there with District 9. Acting is superb with realistic idiots, special effects to kill for if your a student film maker or have real studio money behind you, and some great story. He tells a lot of the story with what he shot. Photography, is just like reading the National Geographic.

So once again Gareth Edward, I hate you. I hate your part of the next generation of sci-fi. You jerk! No go make Godzilla!

Buy it now on Amazon for $15.99