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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Anime Hype 1

Have you seen a Squid Girl?
Shinryaku! Ika Musume or Invasion! Squid Girl is a funny new anime that just came out of japan a few month ago. The main character is a cute little girl simply titled Squid Girl who happens to want take over the world, but akin to Invader Zim is an idiot. Her hair is also her  ten tentacles which can basically do almost anything.

 Episodes sometime range on the humor of Squid Girl not knowing something like a young child would. Very much like Azumanga Daioh in another fashion is interaction between Squid Girl and the family who befriends/ keeps her to pay off the damage she did making a whole in their beach cafe. Other strange people she meets is a girl way to much in love with her and some jerk M.I.T. graduates who think she's an alien, led buy a blonde in a bikini. A evil robotic head version of her with a super shy girl inside.

To give you insight into the show one episode is the reuniting of two dolls called Jonny & Depp, the dolls are super creepy btw. So super creepy that Squid Girl can't sleep at night.

The ending theme song has Squid Girl staring at the ocean at night back turned to the audience, sometimes  to recap the episode at item will appear on the beach that had significance to Squid Girl.

Squid Girl is a idiot, but a idiot you love to see trying here best  to conquer humanity. It's like watching Sgt. Frog/ No english dub or plans for North American release are out yet, but try to catch in on Crunchy Roll. Only 12 episodes.

K-On finally has a release date

The official site is up here

After hearing about it way back at Anime Expo 2010. K-On the hit crazy about moe high-school girls in a rock band finally has a release date. I have no idea why it's liked so much? Haven't seen it yet.

I don't know much about this kindergarten anime, but it looks awesome.