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Monday, February 21, 2011

Cartoon Hype 1: Irrate

 I'll be going over cartoon news in this section. This one won't be that happy.

Young Justice
Nice try Young Justice, but you still don't have my attention

uh Hello, Young Justice crew and writers, why don't you have Miss Martian spout that line some more.

It amazes me how bland and boring a show about young superheroes can be. With a huge roster of young heroes and their mentors who happen to be DC's top priorities such as Batman and Superman you'd think the show would be entertaining. Falling flat on a unimpressive story line, ugly character design (the villains look terrible and rehashed) and some of the worst takes on well known characters. This show is a huge failure.

The team assembled is basically hearing the same person talk again and again. I already have Star Wars Clone Wars for that. Here's a great paragraph on how bad Star Wars Clone Wars is by John Struan of Super Punch on how tired and boring that show is.


One odd point of Young Justice is how creeped out Superman is by Superboy. It's just a strange characterization of the Man of Steel, whose character in the comics would never be like that. I realize it's a new take on the dc universe, but it's strange for a kids show. I don't like seeing a scene where Clark Kent has to meet Bruce Wayne in a diner over paternity. Who thought that was good writing for little boys who want to see heroes beat up villains?

"I'll take that pie to go" said Superman, the man who can punch you into space!

Plus, Zatara? Where's Zatanna? Who thought this?
I'd rather watch the Avengers for action.

Nice, try again with ladies

The Avengers

The Avengers or maybe more aptly titled Iron Man and the Avengers, due to movies,  is perfect for comic fans and kids. Action and correct personalities from the comics won me over. Incorporating the Skrull Invasion is a nice touch.

Sometime the writing can be very simple and there isn't going to be any underlying stuff like Batman: TAS, but it's simply a kids show.

Superheo Squad

If you want poor writing from Marvel, look no further than Super Hero Squad. Which has some of the poorest writing ever. The show doesn't seem to know what age group it's writing for. Attempted jokes make no sense. It's animation is garbage, too. Reversing animation or repeating it? In this age to save costs  is unforgivable.


How about new ideas? No, just rehash stuff. The show does have fun design work and I won't really comment till I see a episode. I do look forward to it.

G.I Joe Renegades

G.I Joe Renegades sucks. Simply put it's boring. Original G.I. Joe was known for it's outlandish stories. Just saw fuzzy animals transform it fire-breathing horned soldiers for Cobra on a space station on Hub's re-showings of the original series. This is one of the worst reboots ever with mediocre all over it. Way to keep costs down Hasbro getting cheap animation from Canada. Renegades character designer recently died of cancer and I have to say, I'm not saddened by his loss, if you call it a loss.


Mad is bad. That's the level of comedy that show has. Stuck between poop jokes and tween pop culture, Mad falls into the category of not knowing who the audience is. Guess what, it's children. I can tell you the crews who work on Adventure Time and Regular show left as soon as it came on after their shows were on when I visited them at the diner across the street from Cartoon Network a few week ago  if thats any indication of how worthless it is. I wonder why it's on between Regular Show and Adventure Time now, hmmmm.

Whats really sad is they have some great stop-motion bits and even some cartoon styles that are mocked are designed well, The writing is just -not- there. I liked the animators to get their own show.

Also I have know idea who they are as Cartoon Network doesn't show anymore ending titles of shows.


Robotomy is dead.

I can't say I'll miss it. Toon Zone has a much more in depth reason of why it's gone. Thrice now a Cartoon Network show didn't know it's audience in this guide.

Maybe the animators should have kept the people working on Superjail.


Another season of Superjail is coming sometime this year. Just a warning the animation studio has changed so you might see a significant difference in animation.

Hey Cartoon Network, where's Unatural History and all your other terrible ideas for live-action? Oh, there probably in the garbage.