Saturday, February 26, 2011

Warning! Incoming Review! ReBoot Review!

Warning! Incoming Review.

Warning! Incoming Review.

There's just something creepy about a giant purple cube coming down trapping you in a game.

Bob, Dot and Enzo are back! Finally, out on DVD is ReBoot. The nostalgia factor is high, as every word they say now actually makes sense ... to a nerd. That might be the first thing you notice when you watch the show again, you finally understand what there talking about. Alpha-numerical!

Megabyte's voice is just classic villain sauce. When you hear it again it's like hearing a old friend who you shouldn't trust. "Hack, Slash your fools", lol. Oh, Bobs catchphrase, "I don't think so", totally 90's vibe. Glitch the omni-tool that can become anything. Fong who makes you play pong to gain his wisdom. Sorry, I'm just throwing Nostalgia at you.

What was new has become Windows 95. The show set the bar for a cgi show, but you can see some problems with animation. You can't be to angry with Mainframe Entertainment, now called Rainmaker. They were just learning how to use computer graphics.I think a problem might have been, they didn't study animation or the limitations of computers at the time. Hold on though, because they still pull of some great cinematic moments. I recently rewatched Toy Story 1 and eye blinking in that becomes a bit insane, so even the pros had problem starting out.

One scene where Hexadecimal holding a infected teddy bear and making it act out emotions with her finger is just so cinematic. Or who could forget Hexadecimal's mask change. Just spooky and inventive.

The dvd quality is great in all departments, but remember graphics just weren't that advanced yet. Some background stuff may be blurry, but that just because it was when it was released. W

hat does hold up is the fun stories and characters. The show had a lot of heart and was the epitome of a Saturday morning cartoon show,The oddball sense of humor for computer jokes. Plus, the refrences. This is a nerds show. Aliens, Star Trek, Mad Max, Power Rangers, Star Wars are all parodied throughout the two seasons.

The main part of ReBoot, the games sent by the user were always creepy. Having parts of the city destroyed and if the user wins everyone gets nullified and becomes a horrible slug creature. High stakes for a kids show.

I can't wait for seasons 3 &; 4. The parodier is higher and the show takes a much more darker turn.

ReBootS1&2 for about $25
ReBoot The Definitive Mainframe Edition about $70
Bonus Features:
  • 20-page booklet
  • Fast Forward: The Making of ReBoot
  • A Look Back at ReBoot with Co-Creator Gavin Blair
  • Original Animated Character Models
  • Commentaries featuring Producer Christopher Brough, Designer/Storyboard Artist Blair Peters, Animator/Director Zeke Norton, Michael Benyaer (“Bob”), Ian James Corlett (“Glitch Bob”) and Voice Director Michael Donovan (“Phong”/”Mike the TV”)
pre-order with them for the mainframe edition and receive a limited-edition 3D lenticular postcard
BTW Topless Robot said another well-known show is coming from Shout Factory! and Rainmaker Ent to dvd. It's been asked for, for a long time.

Beast Wars! Transformers

Shout Factory provided reviewer with Season 1 &2 dvd set for review