Monday, February 28, 2011

Durarara!! Review

Durarara!! has come to America dubbed in English for your enjoyment.  Not Durarra that I expected. I thought I'd be seeing a comedy brawler show.
It's isn't that, but it's a small part of it. Your introduced to a large amount of characters and you follow them by a strange oh wait that person was in the background kind of story telling. Many different facets and takes on whats going on and what just happened.

I could say the stories about Mikado a young kid who wants some difference in his life so he headed to the big city. This big city has some big problems, but it also has some people that might make good friends or is it enemies. But, the story isn't about Mikado it's about multiple characters.

One of them doesn't have a head. Yeah you see that cute biker chic with a cat helmet is kind of like the Headless horsemen. She isn't evil she's more like Batman or a heroic vigilante. Cely or the Black Rider has a somewhat weird relationship with her care taker. I guess I shouldn't go into every bit and piece and connection that's for you to find out.

We learn others in this city have some strange powers that certainly don't seem human, powers like throwing a vending machine in the air. Super fast speed and other weird going-ons.

Remember this show inspired a lot of artist for Anime Expo 2010. So there's just something in there design that may stay with you. I know Celty would make you have a double take even when she isn't headless.

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