Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Review

Explosion! Nice! Dude! What the!

The opening cinematic had me with just how cool fights could be.

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 comes at you  faster than a adrenaline junkie high on life. No amount of healthy coffee collected by monkeys and having a friendly environmental  seal can stop the adrenaline junkie from seizing life through Captain America.  Cap said, "That's for Civil War!" The character back in forth for a comic book fan is up high. Not as high as that adrenaline junkie riding his cycle through traffic in the wrong direction and being a jerk. Characters know each other when confronted or after they take someone out at the end of the fight. Just like I hope someone takes out that adrenaline junkie douchebag.

If you want to play with other you can head out here this weekend

Saturday, February 26 · 6:00pm - 11:00pm
10937 Venice Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA
Hosted By: UGTL
Registration Fee: $5.00
There will be music, food, entertainment, and prizes!
If you have any more questions or would like to the
know any more information give us a call at

Sadly, I found out about this DJ visual
event using Marvel Vs Capcom 3, too late via Gamescenes.

Social intake, this is a game you play with others. The words I put at the top weren't only spouted in the game. They were said out loud by my friends in matches. Yes, you can play online. There's just something about beating the crap out of your friends at games that makes life truly wonderful. Hell, we worked together in arcade mode to get to Galactus.

Let your old pal Iron Man from this great Newgrounds short explain why you should get the game

Controls feel the same as Marvel Vs Capcom 2. Easy and fun to pick up and play. The only problem I've encountered and with others who have played is switching characters. That's R1 or L1 back. It's not that easy to pull of sometimes and at the start you can get a little frustrated.

Zero? Where's Megaman!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I'm sure everyone will have different takes on whose made it or didn't into the game. You have a wide, wide selection, however.

From a comic book fan stand  point, Marvel did a good job of capturing the voices and looks of the characters. Also as stated early comic book characters now each other and when they meet you"ll laugh a little.Capcom did a good job bringing thier favorites, too. Amaretsu, from Okami, that just fun having a dog attack someone.
Back to my thing on DLC. It's great if it's really coming out because you couldn't stick it in the game, but if not it's unfair to your customers.

Jill and Shuma are out in March and you kind of want them now.

If the new characters are really from fan want, see into the capcom unity forum below, it's not really being run by Capcom, but it's a great way to get some characters you like into DLC.  Costumes ahoy. Maybe 90 style for all my X- Men.


Overwhelmingly this is going to be the top fighter for some time. It's much easier to pick up and play than Street Figher. It has a huge cast that can keep growing because of DLC and and lol ,what did Felica do? Wait, Deadpool's taunts can really hurt you. Oh, man I'm going to go play some more.

Now back to pervy Iron Man.
One word "Girls"

On 3 vs 3 fights