Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Best Toys Coming Out... Later

pic via Fort 90

The only decent picture of the Portal Turret Toy. I already asked Gaming Heads the makers of this beautiful looking Valve repica about release date. They said keep watching their site. No idea about price or if it"ll talk or light up yet either.

Go to Hell, Hulk Hands! This Green Lantern hand looks so awesome already, looks like you''ll be able to shoot energy contrsuct nerf balls at your enemeies. I hope the movie is a fun as this toy. See it around when the move comes out.

Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats sword!!!! It actually grows bigger like the old lightsaber of yesteryear. You'll see it when the show comes out. O' Sword Of Omens.

It's Thor's Hammer Moljnir. I'm sure that's why it's just refered to as Thor's Lighting Hammer, but who cares it's a giant hammer as a toy. It launches a missle, why the Hell, not? Where are those Hulk Hands so I can crush them into dust with my big ol' Hammer. Suck on my lightning attack Hulk!!!