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Friday, February 4, 2011

Paley Fest 2011

Do you need to understand television in and out? Need a chance to spend a evening with your favorite celebs from some of the tops shows. Want to hurt someone? They have a night with Jimmy Fallon.

You have Paley Fest. Shows like Community, True Blood, and The Walking Dead will have a night with the cast and crew to discuss the show. See the full listings if your favorite show will be having a night of it's own.

You can only have this fun at Paley Fest. Or anti-fun with Jimmy Fallon, True Blood isn't winning me over either.

Paley Center
465 North Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Orchestra Front:

General Public $75 / Members $60
Orchestra: $45 / $35
Orchestra Rear: $35 / $25
Mezzanine: $35 / $25
Balcony: $25 / $15