Monday, February 14, 2011

Ethan & Malachai Nicolle Put Them Together and You Have Axe Cop

Ethan+ Malachai= Axe Cop

Don't literally do that. If you actually fused them together with today technology it probably be horrible. No Croneberg's The Fly teleportation either, that might work though.

Oh, yeah so I had a chance to meet up with Malachi and Ethan at the Axe Cop Anniversary. Malachi age 6 writes Axe Cop and Ethan age 31 draws it.

Ethan was nice enough to answer my questions via e-mail below. I tried to interview Malachai in person , but he imaginary killed me during our interview. First cutting off a hand then my head at the neck with the toy axe I gave him. I still believe him to the best up and coming writer of this time and can't wait until he gets his hands on Final Draft.

Since you live in LA, what do you for fun? Any places you recommend?

Well I am kind of new (2 years) but I love catching movies at the New Beverly and the Cinefamily theaters. I also am super hooked on Zankou Chicken.

Axe Cop's look seems like the action movies we produce here. What are your favorite action movies?

Oh man... Die Hard obviously, Rambo (all of them), American Ninja, The Last Boyscout, Total Recall, Hard Boiled, Project A, Deadly Prey, Ip Man... I could probably go on forever.

Axe Cop seems to help God and beat up Satan. Is your family religious?

We sure are. I love getting Malachai's interpretations of faith. The prayer for the sharks is one of my favorite Axe Cop moments.

Do you own any pets?

Nope. I rent a room currently, I wouldn't have any room for one. The people I rent from do have a dog and some cats though.

How'd the short movie that was shown at the anniversary come about?

I got an email months ago asking for permission to make it from these Australian film students. I said as long as it was a fan project and not something stealing my business, go for it. Then they make this amazing thing and send it to me. It's so cool!

Current favorite video games?

hmmm, well I have no consoles but I do have an ipad. Tetris, Plants VS. Zombies, HD pinball, Angry Birds and when I get the opportunity to play them I LOVE the Uncharted games. Also am a big fan of Scott Pilgrim and Castle Crashers.

Why isn't your other brother involved with the comic?

Why isn't your brother also interviewing me right now?

Are you friends with Jhonen Vaquez by chance, I thought I some him in one of your panels? If so how'd you meet. If not, whose the guy in the trench coat in your panels that looks like Jhonen Vaquez.

Haha yes, that is Jhonen. We are friends. My earlier project, Chumble Spuzz, was published by SLG who is famous for publishing Jhonen's many works. He wrote an amazing review of Chumble Spuzz and I had been a fan of his work (especially Squee and Zim). When I moved to LA I did not know many other people besides Doug TenNapel and Jhonen Vasquez, so I started hanging out with the both. They are sort of my yin and yang of the comics industry. They are two guys who have done work that had a big influence on me and are also two guys who have been reliably helpful, good friends. They also both befriended me before I had any real successes so I know I can trust them.

Any plans for Anime Expo, since LA doesn't have Comic-con? I know Axe Cop isn't anime, but some of the stuff that happens could be considered a anime story line and I'm sure you'd be welcome.

I have never been there, but I'll take that as a recommendation.  I will be at Wizard World Anaheim (Malachai won't).

Axe Cop and Axe deodorant anything going on?

They have tweeted me a couple times and sent me a box of free products because they like Axe Cop, but that is the extent of our inter-axe-ion.

Any plans for an Axe Cop Cartoon? Adult Swim /Comedy Central.

There has been interest, talk, jibber jabber, gossip, whispering... and even chanting. But no official plans yet.

What should we be looking forward to in the Axe Cop universe other than Junior Cobbb's jet tail firing appearance?

Axe Cop, Bat Warthogman and his team are going on an adventure no one will ever guess, and the history we will be revealing about Army Chihuahua is amazing. Also, Iron Spider Cannon will play a pivotal and memorable role in the journey, so stay tuned. Outside of that, Dark Horse and I are talking about more books, so Axe Cop is not finished yet. We have lots more heads to chop off.

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