Sunday, February 13, 2011

You Don't Know Jack, He's Changed

He's changed after almost killing the President and going on the run from the government, wait wrong Jack.

The newest game in the series You Don't Know Jack is a trivia game like no other you've played before. Don't worry it's not only on Wii it's on all the major systems and the DS. Like being a on a live game show, you can see a lot of work went into making each episode it's own show and story. You get 73 episodes to start off with and that's quite a bit.

It's the perfect game to have with friends, especially when they're stubborn and childish. The game knows when your doing bad, and makes jokes against you and your friends. Did I mention you can screw your friends over. You really have a tiny screw which you can set to attack your opponents when you think they can't answer the question.

 It's a simple trigger pull to see them get screwed.

Questions are part pop culture with history, science, math and just strange facts. You might not realize it, but your learning, your learning and it's not boring. I was surprised by a question on Super String Theory since I knew the answer right away, thanks Steven Hawking and your book The Universe In A Nutshell.

The host Cookie Masterson can sometimes go on long crazy rants, but it only makes the game feel more like your part of a game show. Your on one nutty show, with some great pop culture dialogue and outlandish jokes, with strange, strange words wizzing by. There's some faced paced gameplay in Dis Or Dat and Jack Attack that can change the game.

What I also liked is how fast a game is, probably 15 minutes or shorter for a full game. You don't feel swindled because it's filled with content, and quips. You can easily put it down and come back from whatever your doing. You'll be asking to play another one.

Another strange game play mechanic is a bizarre prize you can win for getting a wrong answer on a question. I won a Communist fish to mount on my wall one game. This will also give you a boost of $8,000.
 Another, funny add on is the background is playing old you don't know jack commercials. A friend whose played the earlier games in the series pointed this out. He was hit by nostalgia. That reminds me listen to the skits after each game there pretty funny.

I like that there's DLC for new episodes and the prices aren't insane they're 400 points, but my thing is why couldn't they have been included with the game. I understand if the game is popular that new one's would be made and thats great, but don't make DLC when it's stuff you could have included with the game.

Definitely, pick it up. It's the perfect trivia game for when friends are over. Fast easy game play and the feeling of  being on a game show with a insane hosts makes it the fun trivia game that up there with Scene It.

THQ provided a 360 version of You Don't Know Jack. Writer played locally and with multiple opponents.

-side not on all dlc

All the game companies are doing it, Ubisoft with the Scott Pilgrim game and Knives Chua dlc ( funny cuz the movie bombed and she was suppose to be a free download code on blu-rays and dvds). Capcom with Marvel Vs Capcom 3. Don't put out DLC with the launch, it doesn't make sense. It's like saying we want you to pay more for something you just payed for. Bandai Namco might have been the worst with the Katamari Damacy release on the 360. They just put in codes to block  levels that were already on the disc. You were paying to unlock content already on the disc. Soul Calibur 4 and Darth Vader still costs too much.