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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Remake Review

Do robots care if you call them gay? Max Guy does and that's only the beginning of his strange adventures in Remake.
This is a book to make you laugh and question what the Hell just happened. You have a girl with unicorn arms for hands. Cat cereal that makes you throw up a cat monster and a robot baby. That's only the start
of this graphic novel by Lamar Abrams that heavily inspired by anime and video games.

Remake is a graphic novel staring Max Guy a robot boy whose mostly a jerk more than hero. He might be the strangest take on Megaman/Astroboy ever. I 'm not talking Pluto dark ( a dark take on Astro Boy thats popular in manga) .
Update: I found another Astroboy/ Megaman piece

In a interview for Newsarama Lamar explains the reason it's titled "Remake"

"Remake is a title I came up with when I first started making comics. I figured that if I ever wanted to change the story, characters or style that I could still get away with calling it Remake and not have to worry about coming up with a new title."

Guy has a stories that just abruptly end as they start. A lot of time things don't make sense and it makes you laugh out loud and say, "Why'd that cat throw a book out the wind..., Wait! It went up into the sky?!!!"

To tell you a little bit more about Max, he carries the Max Blaster which can change anything into something else. A rocket back, not pack even though that's what it is that allows him to fly away if he's losing a fight. Don't forget his head is a helmet, so don't try punch him there and he can just say Max drink or Max Watch and it'll appear on him or in his hands. He might also be bullet-proof . Accompanying Max is he's room-mate Cardinal he's a robot ,too. Maybe a waitress whose ass Max stares at sometimes.

I'd have to say, it's like watching a immature robot hero accomplish heroism while learning nothing and definitely not learning from his mistakes. He even wins a battle by sucking. It's like a weird version of Megaman with the writer of Invader Zim. You''ll love it.

Get it on Amazon for $12.95

Then in April check out Remake Special for $9.95 to see new tales of the kind of a jerk robot Max Guy.