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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Super Happy Fun Monkey Bash Late not in LA

One of the coolest and most priceless experiences out there, laughing at Japanese television in a theater with others isn't happening in LA. Nor is it happening in Texas this year(yet) as the famous Super Happy Fun Monkey Bash is late to come out. Instead a best of mix will take it's place.

Super Happy Fun Monkey Bash is a hysterical collection of clips of Japanese television shown at the famous Alamo Draft House. Clips include Hard Gay the leather clad, finishing move humping wrestler, panty ninjas, game show that seem insanely cruel, and commercials with celebrities acting crazy. So much more.

Here are some of the trailers to just get a taste of the insanity.
I've seen the craziness first hand by purchasing a dvd of the show. The wonder I beheld and showed to friends. Sadly, it's no longer available for purchase.

I would love if the series could have a showing here and The Cinefamily it seems like the perfect fit.
Here's the dates and times for anyone who wants to drive to Texas and see the show.