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Thursday, February 3, 2011

House Is B-Movie At It's Best

Friday Feb 4th at the Nuarte Theater midnight
11272 Santa Monica Boulevard, just west of the 405 Freeway West Los Angeles, CA 90025

Just a reminder to see House this Friday. It's possibly one of the best B-movies out there. I can't tell you the level of love I have for this fantastic horror movie. It's from Japan and from the 70's where standards in Japan's movie industry weren't that high and anything could be made.

I really don't want to explain to much because I think it's a movie you should just see not knowing much going in, but if not I"ll give a short synopsis

7 cute Japanese girls are on a school retreat visiting one of the girls' Aunt. The Aunt lives in a far off House in the middle of nowhere. Then things start getting weird. There already ready weird based on every scene taking place in  indoor sets, which is very noticeable.

Girls starting dying in strange, strange, funny ways. The house becomes .... why not see the movie?
(End of spoilers)

It's a laugh riot to behold with moments that will make you burst at the seams. This is a movie you see with friends or see late at night and will watch the whole way through. Go to the Nuarte and dive into a pool of blood and Japanes humor.

I might review it more in depth soon.