Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Why Did Brian Michael Bendis Bore Me at the PlayStation Media Briefing?

King of Marvel, Brian Michael Bendis, bored the audience when he came out to show no footage of his future PS4 exclusive show, Powers. The show is a story about cops handling a world with heroes and one them being a former cape. A great concept and from what I've read a great story. Brian Michael Bendis, the writer behind it is just that, a writer. Having the stage presence of some creepy guy in a bar wearing a suit from the 1800's he made me nearly fall to sleep hearing about Powers. Why any time was wasted telling me about a show so early in production no cast was ready to be announced or shown was a ridiculous waste of time when people cared only about what games were coming out.

Save the shows side of the PS4 for another engagement Sony. Don't waste my time listening to someone who has the charisma of lettuce go on stage to millions to tell almost nothing about an upcoming show.

The big reveal of concept art when a full comic book series already exists with page after page of visuals make me questions who dropped the ball or if Disney told Sony they had to do it.

I'm not sure if anyone will get this, but if Omar Kendall from PlayStation All-Stars talked after him people would have gotten up and left.

Comparisons to Brian Micheal Bendis performance and look at the briefing so far

The Kingpin if he was just flab and not muscle

Egghead, a not-used often villain of Marvel

Doctor Who's Sontaran Commander Strax