Friday, June 27, 2014

There's A Pool In The Desert Go There and Be Cool

Social Pool by artist Alfredo Barsuglia is located somewhere in between Joshua Tree and Apple Valley in the Mojave Desert. To access this art installation you have to first grab a key from the MAK Center of LA then find the place using GPS coordinates. This sounds like a modern day, real world video game quest and more art projects need to be like this.

 The artist recommends hiking 20 minutes from whatever road is nearby to get to the pool; an oasis in the desert. The point, other than just having the pool in the middle of nowhere, is how far people go for a luxury good.

Reasons why it's harder than you think to get there:

1. Though the web-site says you can make a reservation for the key to unlock the pool, you can't. It's a gamble to go to the MAK center and see if they key is there.

2. Finding it isn't easy, this piece is somewhere in the desert. You are on actual quest like a video game to find it.

3. 24 hours to return the key.

4. Only four people may go at a time, though how the artist could stop you on that is not explained.

5. Real nature, with deadly animals like rattlesnakes.