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Friday, June 13, 2014

Sonic Boom and Sunset Overdrive Honestly What's Going On Guys?

Sonic Boom was like playing a game with graphics from the PS2

Sonic Boom and Sunset Overdrive both look resoundingly ugly up close. Like a hot girl from far away and when you suddenly get close it turns out it's not a hot girl it's a man. For that the games can't be considered titles of today.

Sonic starts up this sad look at these two promising-before-seeing-theme-titles. Sonic Boom is a new take on the beloved Hedgehog from a new team, Big Red Button, which worked on Uncharted, that's why Sonic wears a scarf now. TTDILA's preview of the game was almost heartbreaking. After just playing Sonic Lost Worlds and seeing beautiful eye-popping backgrounds of Sonic bouncing a speeding throughout the sky the troubling and just outright, no excuse-why it's so ugly Sonic Boom shows up.

In TTDILA's playthrough we went through an average level of Sonic and his friends. who now follow you around all the time with their own commentary, through an abysmal looking level. Visually the game looks so far behind the times, you have to wonder why it isn't already a scrapped project. Even if you didn't like the past few games in the series they weren't as "Eww, that can't be my baby, it's too ugly" scenario.

Nothing new to report from gameplay side. The level TTDILA ran through played like any other level from Sonic. The promised use of new skills for puzzles wasn't in the demo played. The only new detail was the New EnerBeam, a whip-like device  used a few times to grab different spots and keep the speed up.

If the game doesn't fix it's graphics by its Nov 25 release it'll make the Sonic series loose momentum or speed up when it's thrown into toilets and they go flush.

Sunset Overdrive wasn't as fun and magical as it's E3 trailer made it out to be. Graphically on par with a PS2 the game doesn't grab the style it's E3 commercial shows off. Either the settings caused nothing to stand out or the limited time with the game made it a mess of randomness, but not the fun randomness you enjoy in other games. This shooter is all over the place and it's a bad thing.

When a game with multiple strange guns coming from Insomniac, makers of gun-loving Ratchet and Clank, can't keep me entertained something's amiss.

Sunset City in the year 2027 needs to be cleaned up after a launch of a new energy drink that changes people into monsters. It's your job to to so in Sunset Overdrive

TTDILA's editor Jonathan Bilski is in no way the best shooter out there and he took top score in the title with a few other gamers who looked more than capable.

Consisting of protecting generators from mutant monsters the demo allowed for 8 players to work together in the E3 demo.

After a few seconds TTDILA was jumping around as we were warned to do so or we would assuredly die. With so many other players we stuck around and guarded generators and key points of entry easily beating back mutated enemies. Easily beating them so much that nearly none of them were left on screen for us to kill. Bored and waiting for another wave we bounced around the level and thought of similar titles that looked the same as this game.

Selecting a new gun from a fireworks launching weapon to an ice bomb blast and even old-school record spewer felt like they barely did damage. The weapons took out enemies fast. They each had some nice animations, but didn't compare to Ratchet and Clank weapons.

Insomniac still has time to make the game stand out and have some sense of style reign in the game. It looks like a mod for a shooter to make it more fun not like a game was made from the ground up.

You can skate around the area while balsting bad guys. It was to hard to concentrate for TTDILA.

Sunset Overdrive has until Oct 28th to get itself to look as good as it's concept art.

That's the hardest part of calling out the game for some needed work. TTDILA shouldn't with Insomniac at the helm. The creative idea of the game and breaking away from the same old-shooter of army man needs to be realized and it looks like Splatoon might take that title instead of this sci-fi punk shooter set in a dystopian future.

The booth that Sunset Overdrive had at E3 impressed with creativity and bright colors and inflated bullets. It had it's own vending machine of the energy drink that might change you into a mutant and gave away free Sexy Burgertime tees for those who played the demo.

Hope it's held back so it can get help.