Thursday, June 19, 2014

Regular Show: Season 3 Review

Mordecai and Rigby return in a classy looking DVD of Regular Show: Season 3.

Regular Show: Season 3

The third season of the beloved Cartoon Network show featuring two best buds; Rigby, a raccoon and Mordecai, a blue jay, that "work" (they're quite lazy) in a park and are bossed around by a gumball machine named Benson, has come out for home release. If a talking blue jay and raccoon that can lay down beats and rap quite well together aren't enough hear about their friends. Skips, an immortal Yeti who helps them with their problems; Muscle Man, a man whose name that couldn't be more wrong; Hi-Five Ghost, a ghost with a hand sticking out of its head and finally Pops an old man with a huge head who finds the world to be more delightful then it is. The series has constant blasts from the pasts moments and takes ideas from bad 80's and 90's movies and makes it their own. 

Season 3 continues with the movie mocking vibe featuring Weekend at Benson's, an easy play on Weekend at Bernie's. In the original film two young men have to pretend their boss is alive when he's already dead. In Regular Show's version Mordecai and Rigby have to pretend their boss Benson is awake for his next door neighbor's party to whom he has a crush on. The story changes from the film greatly with a musical interlude over an eating contest that results in strange images of a bender set to Mississippi Queen. The Emmy-Award winning episode of "Eggscellent" takes scenes directly from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. This episode has Mordecai trying to finish a breakfast as fast as possible all for having the honor of having a truck cap that has Eggscellent on it or Rigby will die.

Video Game Wizards is directly making fun of the classic video game film The Wizard with Mordecai and Rigby having to come together, literally, becoming one being that looks like a Mortal Kombat villain to fight what looks like the heroes from the actual film.

Going to outer space from a basketball match to a printing error that could release a computer virus that could destroy the Earth, any small mistake for Mordercai and Rigby can result in dire results for the park and the world. Through it all the stay together as best buds or cause the mayhem as best bros over the minor inconveniences of life and work.

The season continues to be fondly looked on by kids trying to emulate being older and the older kids and adults who get the jokes that make up much of the show.

Extras include episode commentaries, Four Things You Didn't Know about J.G., J.G. Answers Why and a live episode read.

* This season had so much time travel  sci-fi reference.

JG Quintel, creator of the series had a recent interview with Comic Book Resources about the show, read it here