Friday, June 13, 2014

Best Game Over Art from Giant Robot

Elliot Brown - Mrs. Pacman - #3
The Game Over show is still going down (ends June 18) at Giant Robot, here's TTDILA top picks. You can simply see what's up now fully online.

Giant Robot's cavalcade of artists once again brightens up your walls with memories of games past and new.

      Have to mention this year's special Game Over collectible cards by Ken Taya

 Mariel Cartwright - Ulala and Joey Chou - Chun-Li

Danni Shinya Luo - Underneath the Bat Mask

 I hope Tiny Cartridge picks up Eddie Xu's Dual Screens

                                                     Cory Schmitz - Praise the Sun
 TTDILA would have loved to have bought this, but Flat Bonnie's Bullet Bill was already sold out.

Chris Mostyn - Metal Slug a Boom Boom