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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ratchet and Clank Movie Coming Should Have Happened Way Earlier

Reminding us all that the Ratchet and Clank film is still all on the way an awkward reminder during the PlayStation Media Briefing happened. TTDILA is a huge fans of the series and hearing a remastered version of the first game in the series will be coming to the PS4 for the film's 2015 release was a nice note.

Launching a film based on the series when its popularity was at its height would have been a good choice. Sony sadly doesn't own a time machine and doesn't realize that it missed it's best chance with the series years ago. 2002 called and said you may have missed them.

Just a guess, but unless the series gets a cartoon show this year, which it won't, it won't be on the radar for most little kids and the kids who've grown up playing the game might not want to see a film version taking it back all the way to the beginning.

Sony's animated films don't rank high on creativity-The Smurfs-luckily, the film's not from Sony Animation, which is leaving LA anyway as they hold no loyalty to the city, it's coming from Rainmaker who made the old time computer joke classic of Mainframe.