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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Camp Weedonwantcha: You're A Strange Lady Katie

Katie Rice, winner of Penny Arcade's Strip Search, creator of Dumm Comics' Skadi and long time colleague of Ren and Stimpy's John K, has come up with a comic about a camp where children rule. No adults watching over you in Camp Weedonwantcha leads to a strange setting for  some main campers: Malachi; a new boy member to the camp, Seventeen; possibly a cry for some Dragonball love, this number named little girl is enthusiastic about camp, Brian; an older boy who has mystery surrounding him. They're are surrounded by fellow background campers that Katie can toss about like an episode of Lost with the other survivors.

These kid campers are all alone with no supervision and with Katie's sense of humor they won't be making it out without some mayhem. When a supply drop  is over head with hungry campers hoping for food it turns out to be feral cats. You know that Katie's happy being mean to her left behind campers.

A camp full of children left alone by their parents already sounds like an unfunny idea. Katie's turns that dark humor into pure comedy gold as antics of children who should have some sort of help make us all worst people for reading and laughing at them, in a good way.

Head to camp too and follow the stories of Camp Weedonwantcha this Summer.