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Friday, June 13, 2014

E3 2014 Smash-It All Super Smash Bros

Ladies and Gentleman,

In this corner, the famous blue bomber who faces the the forces of the villainous Dr. Wily, his ever-changing powers fluctuating, known as Rock in Japan, the one and only Mega Man.

In this corner, she's fit, she's fast. You can change her gender if you like for the game. Teaching a generation of gamers to stay in shape while playing video games it's Wii Fit Trainer.

The crowd then went wild as they and two other brawlers battled it out in Nintendo's latest Super Smash Bros for the Wii U.

Though I didn't get to go on the Nintendo big screen in the exhibits space, like so many others, I did battle it out on the console floor area. I can never get the special Super Smash Bros Medallion, however, I did win the special Super Smash Bros. T- Shirt. The shirt, like the medal, could only be one in the heat of battle.

Mega Man was my first choice and after some bragging and seeing him grabbing a smash ball in a previous fight and release his ultimate attack with all other Mega Man incarnations firing a blast at once he became my top choice. My blue bomber butt was kicked to the curb in my first round. Learning his new moves will take time to master. Leaf shield and jumping up high thanks to my robotic dog companion Rush got me so far. Soon yellow balls of light carried me off screen.

Next round I was a cute pink ball of pain, enter Kirby. With the Game Cube Controller it was like I never stopped playing the game from so many years ago. Playing as Kirby, to which I'm a veteran of, I ate, absorbed, slashed and turned into a heavy object launching my foes into the stratosphere.

Soon a t-shirt showing off my skill to beat three random strangers was mine.

Super Smash Bros for the Wii U plays and feels like the series should. Tight controls and way to much happening on screening with plenty of special items to affect the out come of any battle. Added new characters and new stages, like Dr. Wily's base and new summons and enemies in the field like Mega Man's Yellow Devil breath new life into the series.

The additions of the Amiigos, the toy figures that can become part of the game, adds enough of a change alongside the new customizable Miis.

More characters are still a must. I know it's too much to hold out for the Prince from Katamari Damacy or his father the King of the Cosmos, those games need to head to the Wii U.

Along with customizable Mii's, Pac-Man and the poorly named Palutena from Kid Icarus were announced over E3 as the most recent characters..

Super Smash Bros for Wii U comes out this Winter

Super Smash Bros for 3DS was not as fun. As first impressions go the game couldn't connect for battle and Smash Run was only available. The fun of horde after horde of enemie waves wouldn't just be for Hyrule Warriors. No, as Mega Man I could fight Mets and enemies like Waddle Dees from Kirby and Koopas from Mario. It was like a mess was made in a cave and someone called Mega Man to clean it up. 

Controls aren't easy. The D-Pad does nothing but let Mega pose. My thumbstick was the only way to master Mega and controls didn't feel that precise. The point of Smash Run was lost on me and what I was doing and where I was going as well.

Right now the Wii U version looks like the only way to go.

Super Smash Bros for 3DS Oct 3.