Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wait it's Amiibo I thought it was Amiigo, Amiigo makes more sense

I was just informed by a friend that Nintendo's new series of figurines are not named Amiigo, a fun play on the Spanish word for friend and A-Mii-go, but is named Amiibo? Did someone just have a major typo and screw up? What kind of a stupid name is Amiibo when you're one letter off from Amiigo? My mind must have just changed it to deal with the idiotic reality where Nintendo has such shortcomings on product naming. I saw these figures at E3 and could not perceive them with another name.

The series of collectible figures shown of for E3 for Nintendo feature characters that as of right now will work with Super Smash Bros for Wii U as leveling up fighters for in game use. What the future holds for them Nintendo was vague about said they'd function with future unreleased titles and Mario Kart 8.

At E3, someone guarded the figures at all times. They were behind a hard plastic. I'm unsure if Nintendo knows what hard plastic is.