Friday, June 20, 2014

Project Giant Robot and Project Guard Miyamoto Lives

From the mad mind that gave us Mario and Zelda are two new titles still early in development. Project Giant Robot and Project Guard, the first is a robot fighter with balance issues and home invasion fears also with robots coming after you.

Project Giant Robot had me making a robot who use his flattened fists to swat down enemies and awkwarldy hug them to death. Using the Wii U Gamepad you struggle to stay balanced and not fall over in Project Giant Robot. You start off by making your own giant robot, a favorite activity of all children of Japan and children in general that know what robots are. The playful nature of the game allows you to make the robot anyway you want, so no limitations on anything realistic. A robot made of all heads or all arms, it's all up to you. With my robot's creation I went with over-sized hand and fist. Later in game I learned my robot's drill arm wasn't huge, it was superflat, so was my regular robot fist. With not being able to change my robot I used it's mighty hands to sway my enemy robot off their feet, that's how you win. Robots just explode when turned over. It must be a Japanese thing with how often robots attack them.

The three levels from the floor demo changed and tricked players with inconsistent enemies. Buildings suddenly became robots and knocked me over causing my end. In another playthrough with another demo player, the task of turning over a table was a mission. Flipping a table is a common Japanese stereotype representing anger or being fed up. The table then turned into a robot and instead knocked over the robot. Project Giant Robot is an instant game to play with friends watching and could only come from Japan.

Project Guard has you defending yourself using 12 cameras each with it's own defense laser against tiny robots trying to take over your base.

Speculation has it both these games are part of the new Star Fox title headed to Wii U in 2015.