Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sony's Got Games: PlayStation Media Conference 2014

Leading with "Destiny" and the massive multiplayer worlds you'll be able to explore as a hero who has something special inside them, Sony kicked off the start of its games heavy presentation. The Beta for Destiny is starting July 17th. Over the course of an hour more games were mentioned and explored, some not coming out for a few years.

Nearly ending the event was a new trailer for Batman Arkham Night. The trailer has Batman on a mission to stop the Penguin. The bat mobile is shown being used in all it's glory transforming with guns all over it destroying cars. Then in slow motion Batman takes down three of Penguin's Henchmen. The trailer breaks down like a corrupted file and Scarecrow is revealed ranting about how Batman is going down. The hatred monologue towards Batman carries on like a great teaser for what's to come in a fear gassed city.

A blast of racial segregation or are we looking to deep into things over here at TTDILA? The White PlayStation 4 comes out September 9th.

Little Big Planet 3 made its debut, even though Media Molecule kind of promised not being there. The newest game where you can make your own levels and fun features three new character types. Oddsock, a dog like creature that can run fast and wall jump;Toggle, a shape changing sackboy that can be either big or small depending on the puzzle; Swoop, a bird like creature that can fly and pick up other sackboys. The game has added depth for bigger levels, play it November.

Far Cry 4 showed off how strong an army of pachyderms can be. Spook elephants or have a friend join you to take down evil forces encroaching on a far off land. Far Cry 4 demonstrates a closer blend of action movie and game at your finger tips. To say it looks like a summer blockbuster is an understatement with a trailer flight suit trip that showed a rich environment to explore and blow up.

Entwined is a dual analog stick game  hat has you mastering controlling two souls that must unite to become a dragon, video games, am I right folks? The game is an arty shump developed by college students and goes again to show off Sony's love of indie games.

Infamous DLC was announced with First Light about a girl who can shoot light out of her fists. You don't need a copy of Infamous to play the new DLC.

The Order of 1886 will bring back the cycle of Werewolves, Vampires and Zombies. We followed an very unmatched member of the order get pretty much trounced by a werewolf. If one of these things is so hard to kill the game looks like it'll take you a while to beat.

Dead Island 2's new trailer of an infected fit man becoming one of the walking dead in what looked liked Venice Beach intrigued the crowd. Zombies during warm weather must smell bad, luckily games don't have smell, yet.

Grim Fandango, the beloved Tim Scahffer classic, will be remastered and be playable for PSN.

Suda 51 continues his strange "genius" with Let It Die, a PS4 exclusive. Gathered from the trailer and cool logo of death riding a skateboard you battle your way through a series of dungeons with little to nothing at the start of the game. Nothing, as in not even clothes. Other dungeon denizens are in the same, well, dungeon and are trying to get more weapons. A poor man's version of Highlander as I'm guessing you keep coming back in attempts to be the "one".

Form art director of Journey, Matt Nava, has been busy on his underwater game from Giant Squid, Abzu. The game has you traversing and underwater world filled with many of Earth beautiful sea life. Not out until 2016,yeesh.

No Man's Sky blew heads away by taking the idea thought up from Lucas Arts unreleased Star Wars battlefront ideas. You'll be able to go planetside, see the local flora and fauna and head right back into space for battle. The color scheme looks like Jorodowsky's Dune, which means crazy rainbow neon. The developer's word of being inspired by sci-fi book covers from the 70's cemented the games trippy design. I'm sure this is a game you could just watch on Twitch.

Morpheus was mention. Yeah Morpheus!

Uhh, way way to early in it's production for anything to mention.

A remastered version of The Last of Us for the PS4 is due this July 29th, If you haven't played the game you can enjoy one of them most heavily award games of last year.

GTA 5 with no discernible new DLC will be on the PS4. Enhanced graphics and the ability to move over all your progress from both the PS3 and 360 version will be possible.

The show ended on the trailer for Uncharted 4 with a 2015 launch window.