Monday, June 30, 2014

Adventure Time Time: Anime Expo 2014 Adventure Time Gathering, Kidrobot and Bad Cover

Adventure Time Gathering @ Anime Expo 2014
Date and Time: Day 1 @ noon
Location : Site 3, Small Set of Stairs, North Side of Pico Blvd
 We have another Adventure Time gathering and it's the first day of the expo.

Adventure Time x Kidrobot just announced, what will the clothes and toys looks like and will TTDILA be covering the launch in LA?

 Chris McDonnell, author of Adventure Time: The Art of Ooo made it clear that this is the final cover, but lent some advice to those who hate it like TTDILA.

"It’s already being printed! But since the jacket is removable, you can make your own replacement jacket for a custom and crafty experience."

via a comment on Meahaus

It's still an an ugly cover like real ugly. I'll have to change it when I get a copy.