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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

We Were So Wrong Don't Get Into the Uber Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Armored Cars

If you want to watch the trailer for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare three times and drive around downtown LA with nothing happening in a circle then get on board the worst mash-up in recent history.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and Uber teamed up to bore me and you at this year's E3. I was on the first heavily armored, worth-more-hit-points-golden Call of Duty Warfare armored vehicle of E3.

Uber, is a ride service app under heavy protest in the world right now. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is an upcoming shooter from Activision.

My ride went through the slow-paced setting of downtown LA with a video trailer of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and little else. Instead of free t-shirts, a playable demo inside the vehicle or even wearable army gear three new friends and I rode LA's streets followed by the grumpiest cop forced to follow a promotional campaign since the giant Eddie Murphy head of 2008. As the officer followed in he's bright yellow-orange vest I realized nothing interesting at all would happen on my ride.

Starting slightly passed noon the first day of E3, I tried to relaunch my Uber app with the new Call of Duty setting letting me summon one of the vehicles, though they were already stationed in front of me, in front of the convention center. After never getting the app to work on my phone some new friends let me join their group. We had to fill out forms in case what we said would be recorded and used for the games promotion. A woman collected my form looked me over then said out loud and wrote down a few of my features so she could remember me. I was "glasses, blue Champs shirt"  to her. It made me fill special that she would be doing this to everyone and probably at some point insult them by stating something she shouldn't. She then repeated the process for the other members in my group, After analyzing our shirts we got on are big golden armored vehicle, man was it uncomfortable to sit in.

Then I cracked jokes as best I could as our driver in military gear barely talked to us and that women who stated the clothes we were wearing sat up front and remained virtually silent to us.

 If the vehicle is just a free shuttle service from points A and B then not much to complain about, it's a free shuttle service. As a promotion for the game it sure didn't need Uber. Just seeing these vehicle driving around is so much more entertaining then being in one.

At the end of the trip we had to remind them to give us some swag, a lousy dog tag key-chain for the game.

The only thing stopping you from opening the roof and shouting out to the people of LA is some yellow caution tape and probably the grumpy officer whose sick of this sh*t and rather be helping people then following some promotional vehicle around at such a slow pace.

I overheard the Uber CoD vehicles might be in such high demand that would most likely just be staying  on their routes around E3 and not deviating that far for pick up and drop off E3, so they might not even be picking up people at hotels.

If you did use the service and didn't have to be in their loading area at the convention center please comment. Share if you're experience was any fun at all.