Monday, June 23, 2014

Cartoon Hype: The Legend of Korra and Gravity Falls Coming Back, King Star King

-The Legend of Korra returns this week with three new episodes. Set your DVR for Friday, June 27th, at 7:00pm on Nick. Rumor is they're going up now because of a recent leak of episodes in Mexico in Spanish.

-We get another cartoon fave back with Gravity Falls returning Friday, August 1st on Disney.

-LA Weekly's Liz Ohanesian goes over how weird the creator of Adult Swim's online only cartoon, King Star King, is.

"In the early days of production, Villard was still partying hard. There were strip clubs and booze and drugs. He would come into the office after long nights, recovering from a hangover, only to field questions from the animators."

"Some artists left during the course of production. Villard believes that at least two quit because of the content, although that can't be confirmed. Titmouse supervising producer Ben Kalina, who was with the series for 75 percent of its production schedule, says that a bigger problem for employee retention during his tenure was the unusual style of the show. King Star King is filled with fast-paced action. The first episode uses 400 shots, double the number normally employed in an 11-minute clip. Some animators were let go because they just couldn't keep up."

King Star King, a Controversial, Mind-Blowing Series From the Wild Child of Animation