Friday, June 20, 2014

E3 Extras 2014 Capcom Square you shouldn't be in this section

I don't even know what they were selling
TTDILA covered so much of E3 (drinking, chasing tail) that some parts of it could not be fully analyzed as so many do at home that don't even go to E3, hahha, uh, people that didn't go to E3. Here are some of those adventures, we didn't take any selfies as that's what insecure losers do to prove they exist.

The Batmobile was beautiful in person if not making sense having so many guns on it. Batman kind of hates guns, it's a bit wierd to see one mounted to his car.

 There's more than Cthulhu in Evolve the next four person shooter coming out from the people behind Left 4 Dead that didn't want to stop making Left 4 Dead so they just put monsters in it. I'm sure the story involved might not exist this time around.
 Hey, Capcom was there. Good for you Capcom. Did they have any new titles or series? No. Capcom bought floor space to decree it still exists.

Square Enix was next door doing the same thing. Wait until they combine to form Square Enix Com. They are just out of ideas and it's remake after remake and sequels. Make some new titles.

 This shooter takes place in LA, it's strange how close it matches up with the real downtown, like GTA 5 strange.

 Met some old friends, Teddie, Destructiodbot and Octodad

 My favorite part of E3 is seeing it being taken away, because of how strange it is to see weird monsters and booths packaged away.