Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mario Maker Is Not Mario Paint

Make me a Mario, Mario Maker. Oh, please make me a Mario. I want to speak Italian-sort-of and wera the-a suspender-erers.

Wait-a second-ta now-a.

That's not what the game does.

In what should also be adaption of Mario Paint that came out for the SNES and heavily borrows from its interface is Mario Maker. A game that lets you builds your own Mario levels from SNES to Wii U age. Nothing 3D world, 2D is all right and only seen so far.

When TTDILA got it's hands on the game it was reminded right away for the interface of Mario Paint, a prevalent paint and mini-game from the old-school days of the SNES. We were also told by an unknown agent constantly watching from behind us not to write anything-Nintendo's fears about curse words I assume.

In a few easy steps by simply picking green pipes, orange blocks, red Koopas, clovers and blue moons... wait that's Lucky Charms. After picking up the scenery and changing it to what we wanted we could instantly play the level.

The game is a title that might have been best when the Wii U launched. A make your own platformer looks fun, Little Big Planet has shown that. Nintendo needs to show more and how much can be changed. Just making Mario is fine. Little Big Planet let you change the background and game so much more than the few choices in the demo at E3