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Friday, June 20, 2014

LA Weekly's Hillel Aron Being A Smug D*ck

Hillel Aron wrote a piece for LA Weekly that got some great buzz, 10 Essential Life Hacks That Make L.A. So Much Better. One of those hacks was sneaking into a private pool. The company that manages the residence where the pool is is none to happy about this as our its residents. Instead of apologizing to the folks over at Eastern Columbia, Mr. Aron wrote another article called Eastern Columbia Residents Unamused by L.A. Weekly's Pool Sneak-In Tip. In a manner seemingly to get the residents more frustrated he quoted the actual letters against his initial article. Then a quote from a French economist is put in to wrap it up in way that would make anyone know Mr. Aron just doesn't care.

If  Eastern Columbia is as rich as the quotes following the latest posts say it is they may want to go after someone who could damn well have caused safety issues.