Thursday, June 19, 2014

Splatoon E3's Favorite Shooter?

Splatoon, possibly the most fantastically fun shooter at E3 and I did play Sunset Overdrive, is a Wii U exclusive set for 2015. Splatoon has you playing as a little kid known as inklings firing paintball guns with the goal of coating the area your fighting with your teams color. You can transform into a squid and swim faster through your colored paint to reach points faster. If you swum fast enough you can launch yourself like a rocket over the game field. This third person shooter for the Wii U with up to 4 vs 4 matches looks like one of the best new games Nintendo has to offer, sadly it won't be out for another year.

The fan love for this game has been astonishing with fan art spreading around the net as soon as the game was announced.