Thursday, June 19, 2014

Project Morpheus someone to hit in the nuts

Project Morpheus and the Oculus Rift both took up significant floor space at E3 this year. Each device covers the users eyes, closing them to the real world and opening it up to many others. These virtual reality devices are suppose to be so lucrative in the future that Facebook bought Oculus Rift, that still isn't available commercially, for billions of dollars. Project Morpehus, within the PlayStation area, had demos consisting of luging and archery. When these explorers of worlds easily attainable in real life were wearing their futuristic visors with blue LEDs-making them more futuristic- we though only one thing: It's so easy to punch you in the nuts right now. Just like the sound reasoning of hating those wearing Google Glass and not having your own, punching or attacking someone wearing the glasses seems like a part of humanity  we will know only to soon.

The boring demos unfit for any real games in the next few years with Project Morpheus were the perfect blindfold for anyone to walk up to you pull back their leg and kick you directly in the nuts. While Project Morpheus had seats for it's blinded it would still be easy for anyone to take a drink and dump it on your head before you could get the device off, hurtling back to reality from games still not ready to be played.

While virtual reality games are still years away from being playable their systems are ready to get people harmed and easily hit in the nuts.