Monday, June 23, 2014

Adventure Time Time: The Opening You Missed

-Food Chain had a different opening theme? Cartoon Network screwed up on the first showing of the episode where guest director Masaaki Yuasa altered the opening theme. Oh, Cartoon Network daily operational staff, you should be fired.

-Here's two reviews of the episode from Gawker, because Gawker media is so huge it can't tell it already reviewed something.

Masaaki Yuasa Has Turned Adventure Time Into A Wild Spectacle

Adventure Time Recap - "Food Chain"

-The Adventure Time Art of Ooo covers flat out sucks, I hope it's a place holder. After the countless art shows I've seen I have to say it's the most boring cover design Chric McDonnel could have chosen. You can pre-order for the content inside including choice cuts of interviews with Pen Ward and Adam Muto and other creatives on the show. On sale for pre-order as of writing this at $24.92 on Amazon.

-Furniture and Meat storyboard header.