Monday, June 3, 2013

Ukiyoe Heroes 2 and Capture Creatures Online

Love this take on Katamari Damacy
Gallery Nucleus'  Ukiyoe Heroes 2 and Capture Creatures art work is now online.

If you want all the creatures you might want to pick up the Capture Creatures Book and finally collect them all at your own pace, trying to keep it as like Pokémon as I can without it being Pokemon.
Becky Dreistadt and Frank Gibson really take fandom to a whole other level with their take on Pokémon. It reminds us how much we can love games, but how well Nintendo can make something we idolize. Going back to a week ago it seems Nintendo just doesn't seem to understand how to connect with fans, an exhibit at the zoo is nice, but look at how much people enjoy your work with their own ideas. It's not hard to write that maybe some of the Pokémon designs should be taken from this show as the series has gotten old and repetitive like Nintendo's thinking.
The Wii U still amazes me for it's lack of new content, by that I mean overall a new game or series directly from Nintendo. Instead it's Mario and Pikmin 3. The problem is the world is filled with sequels. Why was there no new title that takes advantage of the Wii U from the start with an new character and story to get to know.
Capture Creatures might be a retread of Pokémon, but it makes seem oddly brand new. You can switch titles back and forth from the old systems as much as you want Nintendo it won't be a brand new idea or a new character to fall in love with.
Can someone take Becky Dreistadt Capture Creatures and just replace them for the Pokémon in the original Red and Blue? Damn that be beautiful game.