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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Movie Hype: VHS 2 and Other Horror You Can't Wait For

digital/On Demand June 6
and in theaters July 12

Who hasn't been waiting for V/H/S/2, wasn't it called S-V/H/S before? Oh, it was, but apparently no one, but hardcore films fans got the joke about the format wars. Out this summer is a new group of directors for the sequel of disturbing found footage. These include some more famous directors who did The Raid, Blair Witch and Hobo with A Shot Gun. We have to alumni of the first film. Sadly, the LA collective of Radio Silence isn't one of them. Radio Silence did my favorite piece for the first film. We can only hope for a new collection of posters based on each different film within the film.

We Got This Covered has an interview with the directors of the film.

digital/On Demand
in theaters June 21

Maniac had a special showing here in LA right at the time of Hero Complex a few weeks back. The psycho star Elijah Wood even came out for the showing. Now it will be widely available for those in LA and in the US from IFC Midnight. In Maniac, Elijah plays a psycho and where it gets different is we see the world from his perspective. I've always wanted to see Elijah Wood in such a dark role, he has the perfect face for a bad guy. I'd like it more if he were cast as a super villain in something. He's talents are so wasted on Wilfred. So now see murder and death through the eyses of someone who might not see it the same way.

Berberian Sound Studio
digital/On Demand
in theater June 21

This was part of the AFI Film Fest selection from this year. Nowehere as shocking at the first two films in this list, but it has it's own very haunting mood. Seeing the film I can tell you it's a very slow boil into horror if not a nightmare. A simple British man who wants to work on the sound of a film in a Italy has to put up with more and more of a distressing situation on how he is treated and how the film is going. Slowly, he seems to be part of the film in an unnatural way.

The Purge
June 7th in theaters

You might have seen the ads on park benches warning you of the day of the purge here in LA or gotten into the free screening I mentioned at USC either way I hope it frightened you. The Purge has the premise that one night in the US all crimes are legal and anything goes. No cops or emergency services will happen. A dark idea that looks fun to watch unfold.

Unrelated to horror is Video Games: The Movie, I guess Indie Games: The Movie set the way these are titles.

My main problem is if you already read or seen another special on video games what is it really bringing to the discussion. The kickstarter was achieved, but is still going on here. Really can't say a certain vision, but it will be something to look at on Netflix.