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Monday, June 10, 2013

iam8bit Entertainment System Level 3 Meta

Iam8bit Entertainment System's iam8bit Entertainment System debuted at the show, isn't that a bit redundant? The debut of a new console at in insane cost was mocking the new consoles coming out during this E3. Travis Chen made the customizable MAME cabinet and who knows if it will sell for $2,400. The games on it now are a bit old school with Bariball, mentioned at the UCLA Game Arts Festival, a rip on an old school game with Finn and Jake from Adventure Time and Canabalt, a building parkour jumper like game. The controls were klunky to me, but it didn't stop others from getting emerged inside of a joke within a joke. As Jon and Amanda, the co-founders of iam8bit said in an earlier post don't worry about always online connectivity.

Really who doesn't want to be able to customize their console?

Level 4 The Artists