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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Game Hype: Into the Pixel 10, Virtual Zoo, XLanes Arcade and Skullgirls Japan

Arcade Heroes, my number one source of all arcade game info doesn't seem to like XLanes LA. Phil Arrington does give a thorough review of what arcade units the arcade has. He also starts with the negative and seems to continue being negative into the positive section of his review. This is a review from the soft opening, oddly enough the Grand Opening is happening today, it's private, but XLanes should be open to the public this weekend. I'll probably have a Arcades in LA segment review up for the place in the next few weeks. The word on the street is though it lacks the hard to find units. If you want the older stuff go to the second floor to Japan Arcade.

Arcade Heroes has two other enticing post.

One is on the Orbi the Virtual Reality Zoo opening later in Japan this August, which looks better than the LA Zoo. Check out how it's suppose to work and see what Sega doesn't try to do in America.

Then there's news on Skullgirls making it over to Japan via something called the Taito’s NESiCAxLIVE which let's you play different games over an arcade network in Japan. I'm not going to get into how complicated the post is wrong about the title coming from Reverge Labs which had most of the team split and create Zero Game Lab or the other problems Skullgirls has faced recently.

-The 10th Annual Video Game Art Exhibit Into the Pixel chose it's winners. Oh, it's funny Jon Gibson of iam8bit is one of the jurors. These are the best selected pieces of video game art that get to be displayed at a hallway wall at E3 for people who have to get some fresh air or get to the other big convention rooms. Do take a closer look if you have a chance.