Monday, June 3, 2013

Adventure Time Time: Season 2 Tuesday and More Mini-Reviews

-Adventure Time: The Complete Second Season will be out June 4th. I'll have a full review, but I'll dip into it now. WB Home Entertainment has listened to your requests and now we have a commentary track for every episode. A new extra feature has creator Pen Ward off camera talking to the AT crew then showing them something...
Oh, and it's another gag with the cover slip, you'll only get when you take it off this Ice King edition cover..

Update- Adventure Time: Marceline & The Scream Queens paperback comes out tomorrow, it wasn't the best of the comic series, but if you want a story featuring Marceline and PB you have it all here.

James Baxter The Horse is one of many episodes that can throw off what you think the show is about. The horse who yells out his own name while riding a beach ball instantly grab your attention as to what is going on. It does goes remind me of the episode where Finn and Jake try and help people when there not being heroes and when that happens it's against there alignment, so penalties.

 Researching it a bit James Baxter is a real animator whose work has been seen in countless cartoons including some Disney classic like Aladdin. James Baxter The Horse animation which looked better than most of what was going on was sort of an inside joke of animation quality.

That musical institute must have made a lot of musicians drool.

Bikini babes getting into a huge fight with Finn and Jake due to a miscommunication or lack of communication was like some sort of great sitcom episode. Finn and Jake not wanting to talk and just use cards is just another staple of a sitcom like plot device.

Oh, The Suitor was painful to watch. Who knew PB had suitors and who knew how sick Jesse Moynihan could take the concept of love by what he does to poor Braco. 

The suitor Braco tries to win PB's love, but PB is too much into science for love. Add some occult magic and things get better?

You can tell when it's a Moynihan epsiode by the use of dark magic or Peppermint Butler doing something occult. When Finn warns Braco of the road he's going down leads nowhere I felt it.

The Party's Over, Isla de SeƱorita had me happy to see one of those rare Ice King episodes. Who can't like an episode where someone gets shot off into space at the end? The Ice King down on his luck decided to leave his littel bit of Ooo, but ends up on a living female island who has problems with her boyfriend Party G-d.

-Feast on some Adventure time posters from Dubai Comic-Con. I guess AT made it's way to the Middle East.