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Monday, September 12, 2011

TTDILA Welcomes Retro Game Master To LA

 The Retro Game Master was happy to receive a gift basket of goodies from Things To Do In LA. With fans and a huge line around the Japanese video game icon Shinya Arino was more than honored by the big crowd of fans that filled up Japan Arcade in the Little Tokyo Galleria, Friday June 9th.

 Many brought gifts and business cards to exchange with the retro game master. The event turned out to just be for fans, there was no testing of a game. We all yelled, "Kacho!"  in unison when he spoke and he even gave away free goodies once you went up and met him.

 What was in the gift basket? How about a Chogrin print for the upcoming 8-Bit Champions in France titled 8-Bit Kong Champion. American flags, chocolate covered and vanilla covered pretzels, bacon-flavored cheese wiz, Ritz crackers Slim-jims, the new Oreo's that just came out, Nerds, s'mores goldfish, and a coupon for Subway( buy a sub and drink get one free sub).

BTW if you look at the top picture there's a little cameo from Tiny Cartridge, since they informed me of the event I thought it be fun to get them in it somehow.

 The arcade soon filled up with people around 7pm, people we're ecstatic for the game master, showing up. After a speech thanking fans for their support, the game master took the time to meet everyone and take pictures. The best part was the ceremony of trading business cards. You bow and it's a very nice and polite way to say Hello in Japanese culture.
 A line soon formed so long it went out the opening of the arcade, it be great if Arino could come back for another big video game event, maybe vs an American player or a meeting of the Angry Game Nerd.

 If you attended or want to see more, check out the Retro Game Master Facebook page

 Gabe Swarr (animator/artist)  happened to be there as well and we both signed Inoko MAX

 James of course was banned from the event, remember to help out and remind businesses and events that James should not be allowed to enter or attend them.