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Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Manga Guide To The Universe Review

Who are we? Where are we going? Is what we're doing right? None of these have anything to do with The Manga Guide to the Universe $11.42

What starts off as a typical manga story about a transfer student and a crisis about Drama Club being disbanded becomes a early introduction to the universe. The story has many great elements to keep you interested, but fall flat in some areas. Not to worry, you'll have some fun characters to meet before each sudden jump to the next chapter.

Maybe those who have read the series might now your introduced to the main characters, Yamane the down to Earth in need of inspiration writer, Kanna the overly excited actress, Gloria the exchange student. Proffesor Sanuki and Kanta, Kanna's brother. Then thier given a problem like Dram Club being let go if the don't pull off one Hell of a production of The Bamboo Cutter's Daugher( famosu Japanse mythology) Through this a silly world of random cosplaying and learning about how the universe was created exists.

You"ll love the story of Yamane being inspired by learning more about the Universe to get passed her writer's block. Professor Sanuki their guide has great ways of showing them concepts of how big the universe is like walking all the way to the beach to explain the distance to the moon. Perhaps drawing how big the Sun is on paper in comparison to the earth.

Where the stories seem to fall flat is towards the end of each chapter. I don't know if it's just to show cold hard facts or save space, but towards the end the wonderfully drawn manga is given up. Replaced with facts with no story. I wish whatever facts at the end could have been incorporated better into the overall story. Instead it's like hitting a wall of text you don't want to read.

You miss the great art when it's not there, the manga is a great way to not feel rushed while learning. You learn with the Kanna, Yamane and Gloria and it's fun to see their interactions. Homages to some animes through cosplay brighten the work as well as Japanese mythology and habits.

I thought the pictures in back we're a bit of a waste of money and maybe some color illustrations throughout the book would have been more well thought out instead. It's called something like the astronomical guide, but all it shows is some pretty pictures minus content, in the back of the book.

The Guide shows you the universe, with how we got this far understanding it through covering history and science in a funny way only two cosplaying girls who have to save Drama club could. It's definitely something to strike your interest in the study of the Universe and space again. I might look up the guide for Molecular Biology from the same author for fun. Check it out and maybe look through it at the next con or inbetween animes.