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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Halloween 2011:The Walking Dead Return to Eat Brains and Entertain

The Walking Dead will be coming back to television October 16th at 9pm. It's a 90 minute premiere and perfect for Halloween.

Check out the marketing from Comic-Con. I hope we get some fun viral stuff around LA.

Other interesting news via iO9 talks of rumors of a Walking Dead Talk Show. Think of a Talk Show based in the Walking Dead Universe. Some say a pilot was filmed with Chris Hardwick as host. I'd like to see the concept. I wonder how long it is or if it will ever interact with the main show. Will it be a simple 11 minute show as a add-on to the main show or the avearge thirty minute or hour format.

Here's a concept piece of some walking dead merch from deviant artist Noobsaucess

I'll update you on more info about the show and the possible talk show as it comes out.