Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Game Hype: Captain Rainbow Love

"A poorly dressed man explain his love for Captain Rainbow" might have been a better title for Jonathan Holmes of Destructoid article titled "A good looking man explains his love for Captain Rainbow". I guess his gay for Josh Thomas who took the time to make the video below of why Captain Rainbow should be localized for the US.

I couldn't agree more with these two. I've also had a chance to play the Japanese only game and would love to it put on the Wii or 3DS. Frankly, it wouldn't take that long to translate and re-dub and  it be fun to learn about Nintendo's back history through the characters in it. The main story is your a washed up super hero with washed up Nintendo characters. You"ll get you powers back after helping each of them out. It be great to see Captain Rainbow in the next Smash Bros, too.

Now only if Mother was localized, too.

This Space Invaders Watch is too cool.