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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Soul Eater: The Weapon Collection Review

Slash! Cut! Zap! Ping! Fire! Gunshots! Rip! Bam! The usual sounds of a Soul Eater episode. Soul Eater:The Weapon Collection is finally on Blu-ray and it needed to be with extreme over the top fights in HD. Soul and Maka, Kid and the Thompson Sisters, Tsubaki and the ever more annoying big ego that fits in human form Black Star, are ready for an all out war in the second part of the series.
The DWMA or Death Weapon Meister Academy is up in arms as your fully introduced to some new baddies.  Arachnophobia tries to conquer the world with their leader Arachne the spider witch, Mosquito her loyal vampire like butler and Giriko a weapon who has chainsaw powers. Eventually they get the help of the ultimate baddie the Kishin, Asura.
The fate of the world is up in the air as the Kishin's madness could spread all over the earth and make everyone insane. Battles over magical tools are the keys to win the war. But, don't forget Medusa is still lurking around. Oh, yes did you think being cut in half and stabbed would simply kill her?
Soul Eater is like a multi-layered bean dip. There's a little bit of everything. On top would be the action with fights mixed with magical weapons that are actually people. Fights that involve a mix of martial arts with high powered lasers and energy attacks, causing you to go think, "Wow that's awesome". I don't want to ruin one of the bigger fights for you, but think of a giant mecha battle. Also Maka's has a secret inside her that makes her more powerful than you think.                                                         Another layer would be the drama going on behind the scenes. Stein is descending into madness with just some scary looking visuals. Chrona is dealing with betraying Stein, Maka and all his new friends. Death the Kid doesn't know if he should trust his father Lord Death anymore. Soul has to deal with the black blood inside of him with the help of Maka. This is all going on with the fate of the world descending into madness.
    The cheesy fun layer of the dip might be the silliness of the show. Strange characters and the peculiar antics of your favorite Soul Reapers. Excalibur makes your gut burst with spouting, "You fool!" to everyone he meets. Excalibur might be the most powerful weapon in the Soul Eater world, but that dude is as crazy as he looks. You finally see his power when he actually bonds with a meister. Liz and Patty stand out for their random stupidity. I don't know if I hate Black Star or just want to suffocate him. When someone says they will surpass God almost every time they open their mouth and there not the bad guy in a series it's very strange.

    Your favorite scenes might be the fights which are like watching wizard battles. The fight between Lord Death and Asura is sight to behold. Insane powerful attacks are thrown at each other like two leveled up Pokemon who have more moves and abilities then there suppose to. The fights so powerful other DWMA members have to stand back or be blown away.

    What happens between Asura and Arachne is heart breaking, but it allows for a gigantic fight. When the three meister teams you've seen fight to save the world go all in on the Kishin itself your eyes won't want to leave the screen. All the Miesters and Weapons with their most powerful attacks, against a being that consider them insects in a final match to save or lose the world/

    Commentary ruled. I would have liked even more from the voice actors. There very funny and informative. The one with Kid and the Thompson Sisters going over why American animation wouldn't dare take such a cinematic style or be well done as Soul Eater shows there not just voice actors, but they care about the medium of animation. The second disc with the girls voices was just as silly.

    This is a series you should pick up with 52 episodes on Blu-ray, insane battles in world mixed of Tim Burton and David Lynch ideals.

    Update:back cover