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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Oh, Don't Shoot The Hostage! TTDILA's Entry in My Famicase Exhibition 2014

The My Famicase Exhibition 2014 once again is going on in Japan. TTDILA has contributed it's own entry for the art show of fan-made NES cartridge designs from around the globe that appear over at Meteor a funky Japanese gallery and store.

You can't check out the other pieces yet through Meteor. There always late to put them up. There's more than sixty this year. You might spot an internet artist you really like or hate having their catridge art up already. TTDILA will share a post on it's favorite when the rest are revealed online.

 The piece "Oh, Don't Shoot The Hostage! " is drawn by our own TTDILA Comic's cartoonist Andrew Gallardo with concept by editor Jonathan Bilski, heavily influenced by Hotline Miami.

Synopsis: Blast! Bang! Ka-Pow! Just don't miss your target! Shooting fun time for all! You and a friend can take down punks and criminals. They've captured the innocent citizens of Tokyo. Stop! Wait! Be careful and hit your enemy. That's a hostage! Oh, don't shoot the hostage!

Here's some of Andrew's prelim sketches and mock-ups