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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Making Fun of the LA Times, so easy: Hollywood is looking to cash in on summer blockbusters

Hollywood is looking to cash in on summer blockbusters

Stop the presses, stop the Twitter updates! The LA Times is running the same story I've read about Hollywood summer movies since high school.

In one of the most meaningless puff pieces of news, if you can call it news, the times finally stopped reporting details from the horrible murders at USCB, instead of one comprehensive story, and posted: "Hollywood's studios have some good news as the summer movie season kicks into high gear: Business is up." Man, isn't that like every Summer ever.

"Hollywood is getting better at spacing out its offerings. Just like airlines try to no longer fly half-empty planes, studios are trying to reduce congestion on the release schedule to help clear the runway for their best prospects."

I'll give the writer some applause for tying the air-line industry to Hollywood as both are known for how terrible they treat their public.